Thursday, 2 February 2012

Buttons, buttons and more buttons

i've had lots of fun this week surfing all the lovely craft websites i buy supplies from ... and today my lovely new buttons arrived ...

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

a good day ....

after yesterday's heart disaster i decided to forget about them (for today at least) and concentrate on stocking back up on wonkies.

so off i went - marking, cutting and sewing away quite happily (see pic for the results), listening to the music of my choice in my favourite room in the house ...

... and then i had an idea of how to use the lace hearts. they'll be nothing like i intended them to be but sometimes the best things happen that way ...

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Oops ...

... disaster! My beautiful lace hanging hearts have all drooped. Back to the drawing board ...

getting organised ...

i've got lots of ideas in my head, and some half in production but finding a solid day to sit down and make has so far been elusive. 

so i've decided i'm going to be very boring and work out a schedule of what exactly I need to do with my days ... and then try and stick to it.  hopefully this way I'll find the time I need to blog, connect with people of facebook and on other places, keep the house tidy, take the kids to all their various activities and actually still have sensible amounts of time to sit and create. 

well that's the plan ayway ...

Thursday, 19 January 2012

to get things straight

ok, so this is my new blog as opposed to the old blog (just with a slightly different name and a different e-mail address attached so I can now use my phone app - yippee!).  To anybody who's just found me, I din't normally post this many times in 1 day, I've just copied all my old posts across for myself as much as anybody else.  To anyone who's followed me across - thankyou!!  Normal serice will now be resumed (although will less technical moaning).  x

more phone problems

so I'm thinking I might have to start a new blog and stop this one to get the app working on my phone. All the problems are really boring so I won't go into them but at the moment this seems to be the only thing I can do. I'll keep you posted x

a few hours later ...

... and the positivity lasted! Don't know what I did differently today, but the things I did on my website actually worked!! Enthusiastic use of exclamation marks I know but after yesterday's debacle I feel they are wholly deserved. I'm still not ready to share the website yet but give it another few days (or weeks) and I might just be there.

I'm going to peel myself off the computer now, and go and have some lunch before I pack my order up.

Happy days.

a good start to the day

I logged on to my e-mail this morning to find that I'd had an order on and I've just spend a happy and productive 30 mins uploading my products to my gallery pages - definitely a good start to the day.

Now I've just got to keep that positivity going while I log on to mr site - wish me luck x

what a frustrating day!

I spent most of today trying to get my head round mr site and get my website up and running ... and failed miserably! After several hours I managed to get a homepage set up so ticked that off my list and then set about trying to create a gallery ... and gave up when I couldn't manage to make it appear anything like I wanted it to... grrr! Several hours later, I logged on to my blog and decided to try the new interface ... I love it! In half an hour, I've updated my profile and created a gallery page for my cushions. I think I might have to set up pages for wonkies and skwonkies too - maybe I'm not technically illiterate after all!!

that didn't quite work out

Wednesday was meant to be my first crafty day of the new year (as I stated in my previous post) but that didn't quite work out. I ended up spending the day doing, well, lots of other little things that I can't even remember now, and as for yesterday, that seemed to disappear too, although I did make an inspiration wall and work on my twisted butterflies for a bit so I suppose that counts - doesn't it?

But today, today is the day when I have finally sat down and got stuck into mod podge. I'd never heard of the stuff, but at the end of last year, I found a really nice tutorial on pinterest for making 3D lace hearts which really appealed. So out I went and bought all the things I'd need (thankyou Hobbycraft and ebay as ever) ... and then wonkies took over my world and everything else got shelved ... until now... here goes ...

(if I ever manage to work my blogger app on my phone properly I'll post a pic)

what shall i do today?

I'm trying hard to get in the mood for crafting but things keep getting in the way ... all the little jobs that need doing post christmas that I can only do now the kids are back at school. So far, the house has been de-christmased, the beds have been changed and I'm on my third load of washing (such a glamourous life I lead) but there's still lots of little things niggling at me (like making the top of the low unit in the lounge a place for adult things before the children fill it with all the minutiae of their lives)!

So that's decided ... today is the day for all those jobs and tomorrow is the first crafty day of 2012. I'll keep you posted with how I get on.


today is all about skwonkies

... i've got four cut out with their faces attached to their bodies - now they need their eyes. There's a big pile of felt hands, feet and ears and another pile of ribbon arms and legs that all need sewing together ... it's a fluffy job but someone's got to do it.


it's been a wonki kind of week

the kids went back to school on tuesday so i could finally get down to some serious sewing ... and make more, and more (and more) wonkies. I've lost count of how many I've actually cut, sewn, given eyes and stuffed this week but i did suddenly have the horrible realisation that i didn't have enough labels to give them all their bottoms and tails - nightmare. Cue an urgent etsy order to my labels supplier - now i just have to sit and wait (and sew and stuff in the meantime). Check out the pics for a visual version of my week - guess which is friday night?

Skwonkies next week ... watch this space


it's been half term

so it's been a bit quiet on the making front this week - a few wonkies have got eyes but apart from that ...

They're back to school on Tuesday though, so normal service will be resumed and I'll start panicking about how much stock I've got to make in just a few weeks. In fact, just typing that sentence is enough to start me getting worried so I'd better be off and see if I can sneak some sewing time into the weekend

this week ...

... has mainly been about not sewing.

I've had a run of 3 events in 3 weeks that were all amazing, and I spent so much time making stock that I felt just a little bit burnt out so ... I've spent the week sorting out my (much neglected) workroom and putting everything back where it actually lives, re-stocking all my supplies (which means I get some lovely packages through the door) and letting my fingers recover from all the sore patches the needles and scissors have left in their wake.

I showed a friend a new product idea/prototype this morning and she absolutely loved it so I think I'm feeling ready to start sewing now ... here we go again


my current obsession ... revealed ...

this time I'm actually on the right computer to post a pic so here goes - my current obsession

it's been a while ...

I meant to update this regularly but it's been weeks since I've even thought about it! I've been pretty busy what with re-stocking Between Dreams with Wonkies and building up my stock again following the market I did in Winchester.

Doing a market was a whole new experience for me but one that I really enjoyed ... it's a good job as I've got another one in a couple of weeks, as well as a craft fair on Saturday and 2 major events in one weekend in mid-November. If I think about it too much I start to panic so I'm just concentrating on making as many wonkies as I can. I've got a few cushion orders as well so I've got to squeeze those in somewhere.

I did manage to do something with my new obsession though - vintage crochet doilies. I've bought some beautiful faux suede and am making cushions with the doilies - I'll post a pic (when I remember!).

That's it for now.


I feel as though my brain is going to explode today. I'm trying to keep my stock levels of wonkies up, develop and make new products ... and make a website, remember to blog ... and be a mum as well.

There are moments when I wonder why I bother, but then when I go to the cupboard to start getting stock out for a market or craft fair I'm doing (like Winchester Art and Craft Market tomorrow) I look at all my stuff and I'm really proud of it. I don't make stuff I don't like, and don't sell anything I wouldn't be happy to buy (in terms of quality) so although I'm not where I want to be at the moment, I just have to keep reminding myself that if I keep working at it, I might just get there.

ok, a bit more this time

my youngest started school today so i've actually had a little bit of time to sort this page out and make it look more like the rest of detailed design.

so who/what is detailed design ... well, i'm rachel, a stay at home mum to 2 girls who decided about 18months ago to try and get a bit of her life back for herself. I've always sewn and always liked interiors so decided to try and marry the two together ... and detailed design was born.

at the moment it's all about kids which wasn't what i set out to do, but unsurprisingly is where i'm at. i've got a range of cushions, skwonkies and wonkies (check them out on or which is all good but things are about to change ...

so i've got a blog now ...

... have no idea what i want to say (or even how often i'll remember to do this) but ...

... i'll introduce myself properly next time i'm here x